What to Know

The X BRACE corrects posture, provides support, and relieves neck pain in your day-to-day activities. A simple solution relieve neck and back discomfort. 

Most Ideal: 
✓ Lash Artists
✓ PMU Artists
✓ Hairstylists
✓ Nail Technician
✓ Trade workers

✓ Adjustable 
✓ Comfortable
✓ Machine washable
✓ Extra arm cushion
✓ Short term + long term posture improvement 

✓ Wear the back brace on top of or under clothing
✓ Wear the back brace minimum 3 hours per day 

How it Works

Adjust the straps to your desired comfort and wear under or over clothing.
Wear the X Brace:

✓ Take a side photo before your start
✓ Week 1 -  3 hours per day
✓ Week 2 - 5 hours per day
✓ Week 3 - 8 hours per day
✓ Week 4 - Take a side photo and compare your Week 1 with week 4!
✓ Adjust X brace more loose to be less dependent on the tightness of strap 

Product Facts

✓ Cotton
✓ Velcro Fastener
✓ Vinyl

How it’s Shipped

No refunds or exchanges

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