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Virtual Classes

Classic Precision Program

The Classic Precision Program is the first level to become a lash designer with no previous experience required. This curriculum is designed to learn our exclusive classic technique that imitates the volume method and business fundamentals. This course will make your skill level distinctive in classic lash artistry!

✓ Studio set-up
✓ In depth lash consulting
✓ Product knowledge
✓ Contraindications
✓ Lash Health
✓ Professional lash application
✓ Thelashbrand™ signature Classic Technique
✓ Specialized lashing techniques
✓ Understanding Ethnic lashes
✓ Customized Styling
✓ In-fills and maintenance
✓ Safe lash extension removal techniques
✓ Adhesive and bonding
✓ Client structuring and pricing
✓ Photography Hacks
✓ Effective Social Media + Marketing Strategies
✓ Extensive hands-on practice ( Model )

1:1 ( private )
Full Kit
100+ Page Manual
Completion Certificate

Virtual Private
$1850 CAD
Ultimate Volume Program

The Volume Certification Program is the advance level of being a lash designer which requires previous experience. This intensive curriculum covers Russian Volume, Mega Volume, American Volume and Thelashbrand™ signature volume techniques. In addition, this advanced course will provide you with elevated lash marketing strategies and photography.

✓ Russian Volume Technique
✓ American Volume Technique
✓ Mega Volume Technique
✓ Thelashbrand™ Signature Volume Technique
✓ Thelashbrand™ Volume lash rehabilitation
✓ Facial Analysis
✓ Achieving editorial precision
✓ Understanding diverse clientele application
✓ Standard, Advanced, Customized Styling
✓ Fan Geometry
✓ Basic and Advance Crystallizing
✓ Adhesives bonding for all ethnicities
✓ Effective portfolio work
✓ Business hacks + Business tools
✓ Photography hacks
✓ Client structuring and pricing
✓ Extensive Hands-on practice ( Model )

1:1 ( private )
Full Kit
100+ Page Manual
Completion Certificate

Virtual Private
$1850 CAD
Clean Work + Retention Workshop

Is executing clean work challenging? Whether you are a new or established lash artist, thelashbrand™ will help you become a lash designer. Welcome to the Clean Work + Retention Live Workshop!

✓ Tools
✓ Direction
✓ Placement
✓ Clean Work Execution
✓ Retention Hacks
✓ Do’s and Don’ts

Virtual Group
$750 CAD