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Lashes + Brows

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Natural Set $150
Wispy/Textured Set $185
Dark + Full $220

2 weeks $100
3 weeks $125

Wax + Shape $35
Wax + Shape + Brow Tint $65
Everything + Brow Lamination $135
Microblading with Free Touch up! $500+  


Natural Set

Natural Set
Natural Set

Wispy/Textured Set

Wispy/Textured Set
Wispy/Textured Set
Wispy/Textured Set

Dark + Full Set

Dark+ Full Set
Dark + Full Set


Express Brow Clean-Up + Shaping

Gentle brow wax + detailed shaping

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Package A

Brow wax + shape + 4 week tint

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Package B

Brow wax + shape + 8 week tint

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Package C

"EVERYTHING" + Brow lamination

Brow lamination makes your brows naturally fuller and stays in place for up to 8 weeks

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Fine hair strokes to fill in full brow shape that lasts up to 2 years

*first touch-up included*

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Extension Aftercare FAQ

What can I do with lash extensions?
How do I clean my lash extensions?
How often should I brush my lash extensions?
What can I not do with eyelash extensions?

You can wear bottom mascara, bottom eyeliner, liquid top liner and powdered eyeshadow. You can go into pools, the ocean, sleep on your side or back and comb them daily.

To clean your lashes you will need a soft lash cleansing brush and a specially formulated lash cleanser. The best lash extension cleanser for sensitive eyes and skin is the OCD Lash Cleanser, which is extremely nourishing to the lash follicle and super gentle on the skin. Tested with a Dermatologist and Optometrist for a safe lash cleanse. Do not clean your lashes with oil free makeup cleanser, baby shampoo,or micellar products.

15- 20 seconds daily in the morning. Never comb your lash extensions wet, only when the set is air dried or dried with cool air with a blow dryer. Using our signature Lash Combs, which separate each extension and fan hair to provide the same fluffy or neat set you have originally received from one of our Lash Experts. Do not over comb your lashes, too much can loosen the bond of the lash extensions.

Rub, pull, pluck, twist, yank, manipulate and sleep on your lash extensions. Do not put eye creams, oily products on the eyelid (you can under the eye), baby wipes, cotton pads (lint can get trapped in the lashes and irritate your eye), apply mascara on the lashes, hair conditioner rinse onto your face and glitter makeup. Do not go into saunas and avoid lighter flames and hot ovens, where it can melt the lash extensions.

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