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Become a Consistent Artist

About the Course

The Direction Mastery course is unique and intimate in size for ALL types of learners. You'll find that the class is extremely interactive and practical focused, allowing the individual in order to grasp each concept accurately. All concepts in the course are taught in a versatile format so they can be applied to both the Volume and Classic technique.

In order to stand out in the industry, your work needs to communicate elite and professionalism. That's why the Direction Mastery course covers key topics such as: executing clean work, maximizing your retention, how to attract the right clientele, and more:

✓ Lash skill assessment
✓ Tool adjustments
✓ Corrective hand positioning 
✓ Thelashbrand™ hands-on direction method
✓ Thelashbrand™ hands-on placement method
✓ Lash application adjustments
✓ Corrective glue dipping
✓ Retention hacks
✓ Lash efficiency
✓ Photography hacks for iPhone and digital camera
✓ Extensive hands-on practice ( Model )
✓ Interactive worksheets
✓ Certificate upon completion

We Give You The Tools

Free Direction Mastery Kit

✓ Tweezer

✓ Hydrogel patches

✓ Classic lash tray

✓ Specialized lash mask

✓ Silicone tape

✓ Lash pallet 

Student Testimonial

Vivian Tsi · Thelashbrand™ Graduate

Quick FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I grasp this technique?
Thelashbrand™ took into consideration the different types of learners that would enroll, which is why we designed it to be simplified enough where it is super easy to grasp in class.

How many people are in a class?
Our definition of an intimate class size is a maximum of 4 students.

Should I bring anything with me?
Yes, bring your favourite isolation tweezer and adhesive to work with and an open mind!

Is there a manual?
This program is set up as a workshop style where you will be provided interactive worksheets to practice inside and outside of class.

What technique does this course apply to? 
This course applies to both the Classic and Volume Technique.