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Lash Extension FAQ

What to expect when getting lash extensions?
How often should you get a lash refill?
How long do lash refills last?
Is it normal for lash extensions to fall out?
Can I go to the beach with eyelash extensions?
Can I wear strip lashes with lash extensions?
Can I wear eyeliner with lash extensions?
Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?
Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?
Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?
What happens to your natural lashes after extensions?
How long do eyelash extensions last?

Expect that your first lash extension service may be your longest appointment. Usually lash service appointments take from 1 hour - 4 hours depending on your service of choice. You want to arrive with your lashes squeaky clean, with no makeup or lash glue residue. So that you do not cut into your lash application time by another deep cleanse. Do not arrive with caffeine in your system, where it will be challenging for you to relax. You will receive an in depth consultation about your health, expectations and your preferences. We suggest you put your phone on silent to fully enjoy the lash treatment. The procedure: expect the first portion to have your bottom lashes protected with an under eye pad or specialized lash tape. Prepare for your eyes to remain closed for the entire duration of lash application. At this point, the lash professional will begin to start the process, where you will more than likely doze off, due to how relaxing the procedure will be. You will then be gently awakened by the lash professional to complete your service.

Every two - three weeks minimum to maintain a full lash set.

Two - three weeks depending on your natural lash cycle and body health. If you do take specific medication or have hormonal imbalances, your lash set can be affected.

Yes, it is normal for lash extensions to fall out even on the same day. This can happen because:

That natural lash cycle has completed and a new lash is getting ready to grow;

The lash extension did not have enough glue to stay on that strand;

The lash extension may not have been placed in the correct position for it to stay on the natural lash;

Or that your overall health has significantly changed.

A lash professional's duty is to provide a full 90%-100% coverage and some lashes may be on their way to generate new lashes coming. Please keep in mind if one of these scenarios may apply, communicate with us and we are happy to assess it further.

Yes, you can! No need to wait 24-48 hours before going because your lash glue is cured as soon as it touches moisture. We recommend cleanse the salt off your lashes with OCD Lash Cleanser once you're done with your beach day!

Yes you can, but this is definitely not recommended or worth it for multiple reasons. When you receive your set of lash extensions, the purpose is to eliminate the daily hassle of strips. Strips should only be used for emergency reasons ex. not able to get a refill appointment in time or for an event where you would like a more dramatic look that your natural lashes can not handle for a few hours. Do not attach the strip lash to your lash extensions or near the lash line. Apply the strip 5mm away from the lashline ( on the eyelid ) for the safest temporary attachment. If you do not apply all of the necessary tips above, you will destroy your natural lashes permanently. In addition, the curl of your set will not match the curl of the strips, which will result in an unflattering result.

Yes you can, liquid or powder-based liners are the best. Do not use waterproof products or pencil liners.

Yes, however it depends on what type of makeup. Eyeshadow should be powder based and no shimmer, which makes it extremely difficult for you to clean the lashes thoroughly. Concealer and Primer should not be used on the eyelid, only under the eye. Do not spray setting spray over the lash extensions, due to the oily ingredients and additional unknown ingredients which may create poor lash retention.

Yes, on the bottom lashes only and never on the top where the lash extensions are applied.

Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes when they are applied professionally and correctly. When receiving a lash service by our lash professionals, proper aftercare will be required in order for you to get the most out of your lash set.

When lash extensions are removed by a lash professional your natural lashes will be healthy. If you remove them at home with oil you will potentially break or rip your natural lashes and damage your lash follicle permanently.

Eyelash extensions last two - four weeks until a lash refill or until your natural lash growth cycle completes. To extend your lash extension set use Thelashbrand™ LashFood Serum which helps in additional nourishment and strength to continue lash extensions back to back.