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Monique Marsh

Monique Marsh is no stranger to the beauty industry. After opening her first lash studio in Toronto Canada, Marsh noticed an influx of challenges that were not met in the lash industry. Clients desired a type of service that was hard to find, experienced lash technicians lacked the necessary education and tools that were functional to thrive. Being in high-demand for her expertise and skill, international lash artists travelled to learn her concepts, until she decided to expand in the US. With her brand Monique Marsh became the change she wanted to see.


We believe in lash health and uniformed lash work. We strongly believe that quality never needs to be compromised. We value time, because time is of the essence.


We believe that in-depth knowledge about the lash extension craft sets you apart and it shows. Our approach to learning lash extensions is hands on, simplified and current. We are committed to providing information that will build the lash professionals brand identity and help them thrive.


Each product and tool that is designed undergo’s extensive quality control and expert level testing. We keep the lash professional and client in mind every step of the way.

Thelashbrand™ continues to catch the attention of those that look to it as an example of quality, care and professionalism.