What to Know

The most reliable black lash glue for lash professionals.

thelashbrand™ has done the work for you! This adhesive has been tested 8X in various conditions for optimal results.

Tested on Sensitive eyes
Tested on Oily lashes
Tested on Textured lashes
 Tested on all Porosities
Tested with Makeup
Tested with Salt water
✓ Tested with Master Lash Designers 
 Tested in all 4 seasons 



How it Works

Colour: Onyx Black

Odour: Very Low 

Dry Time: 1-3 seconds

Humidity: 24%- 31%

Room Temperature: 70° - 74°F  |  21° - 24°C

Viscosity: Medium 

Retention: 3 - 4 weeks

Ideal pair: Matte lashes

Technique: Classic + Volume (Pro make application)
Lash Texture: All

How it’s Made

Ingredient details coming soon

How it’s Shipped

✓ Latex + Formaldehyde Free
✓ Fast drying glue in high humidity environments for lash experts
✓ Best lash retention - use a generous amount of adhesive for extensive bonding
✓ Always have two glue bottles on hand for quality control in lash application
✓ Shelf life 2 months [ unopened ] 1 month [ opened ] = Lash Tip: Date your bottle!
✓ Store lash glue bottle in a cool, dark place

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