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How to start an eyelash extension business?

  • by Monique Marsh

Starting a lash brand?

The lash industry is far from saturated, still in the adolescent stage and growing exponentially. Every year there are thousands of individuals entering into the lash industry to start their lash career. There are also lash artists' who have mastered their craft and ready to start the next phase of business. However most lash artists' are not too sure what the next steps are to start their own lash brand. 

5 tips to start your own lash brand:

1. Research what is a need in the market
Some believe the market can be saturated, but there is no such thing. Saturation is in every field, but you need to identify what would make you stand out amongst many other significant brands. What hasn't been done? What can you do better? What is missing?

2. How does your brand create impact 
Have you ever heard of the saying" if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything"? Well in the lash world, that is a true statement! In order for individuals to identify your brand immediately, they tend to associate it with a solution. (ex. What your brand stands for? What does your brand believe in? ) 

3. What does your brand solve 
There is usually a gap between what you can provide and your potential consumer needs. Your products and services should be the solution to fill that "gap" to reach their goal. 

4. Know your audience
When creating your own brand there is a main component that you need to know, your audience. The audience that is not ideal is the "everyone" audience. Understanding your audience front to back and their habits will help you to know who your brand is specifically catering to. 

5. Be ahead and Be consistent
If you have seen a product or brand concept being used or promoted many times, chances are it will be difficult for your brand to stand out if you decide to copy. Creating a distinctive brand and being consistent is where your brand will be memorable. 

To get started developing your own lash brand, here are the steps in the
"Start your own lash brand Guide" E-book 





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