Monique Marsh is a self made business woman whose determination and confidence has led her to become one of the leading lash brand educators today. Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive was homegrown.

She taught herself the first technique in the industry and created her own precision technique for which she is known for today. For nine years, she’s been in the lashing business and is recognized for her customization technique and has now made a specialized lash academy. 

Thelashbrand™ formerly known as MLASHBAR PRO was created to highlight inclusivity and to educate others to work on all ethnicities. Thelashbrand™ offers exclusive curated tools, courses and products for lash artists/educators who want to build a platform for themselves. 

Her technique has been in demand and has taken her across the border. She’s had numerous students travel to learn thelashbrand™ technique. Monique’s innovative and energetic personality has definitely allowed her to inspire other entrepreneurs and the impact that she’s made thus far is just the beginning.

“This is me, this is my purpose and my story will continue.”

Monique Marsh, CEO - Thelashbrand™